A different year, 2012

Well, it was… good, bad, silent, loud, yet always hungry for more, I can’t say I will miss this year. Actually, I am glad it is over, but it left some good remarks as well.

* My first book as a photographer was out from YKY. Güneşin ve Ateşin Tadı Gaziantep Mutfağı, A Taste of Sun and Fire Gaziantep Cookery. Delicious food and culture from one of the best cities there is to eat in Turkey.

* Worked as food consultant for Yotam Ottolenghi’s TV show, Ottolenghi’s Mediterranean Feast, as well as for Allegra McEvedy’s, Turkish Delights with Allegra McEvedy show.

* Travelled and ate at London, Berlin, Datça, Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, İzmir, Ankara.

* Picked olives, tasted the first batch of cold press unfiltered extra virgin olive oil at Ayvalık, Harvested grapes at Hoşköy…

* We had great food tours with you people! Thank you all for sharing my food as well as your stories. We will have more this year with new destinations, I will keep on  the good work!

* After the Perfect Bite was born! My other food blog! Bites all around the world.

And some of my best bites were:

St. John, London and had a chance to meet Fergus Henderson, almost  jumped on him!

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, London. So glad to be able to taste the great chef’s food!

Kaplan’ın yeri, İzmir… A feast up on the hills!

Again had the best döner at Karadeniz Pide Döner Salonu, the best meatballs at Meşhur Filibe Köftecisi, best everything at Kantin, Istanbul.

happy new year all! by Tuba Şatana

Wishing you all a new, happy year, food to share and cherish with your loved ones! Bottoms up!