A word on artichokes…

Kıbrıs enginarı, Göztepe Pazarı, by Tuba Şatana

There is artichoke and then there is artichoke. Do you wonder where the big fatty artichokes you see around the city are from? Izmir, you think?

Going through the markets, all these colourful plastic basins full of artichoke hearts,  beautiful heaps of artichoke displays stops you. They may look sight for sore eyes. They are called Kıbrıs enginarı, the first artichokes in season, a messenger of the upcoming artichoke season I would like to call them, are in fact from Northern Cyprus, where it is warmer than here and the breed is different than the most delicious sakız enginarı.

But they are preferred by most of the restaurant owners, chefs cause of their prices, their size and their looks. For me looks are deceiving… No matter how much I love artichokes, for me kıbrıs enginarı has a bland taste compared to sakız enginarı.

Kıbrıs enginarı, Cyprus artichoke,

to be continued…