Asri Turşucu – Istanbul

Sour, salty, if you want spicy! All indispensable for me! I am talking about pickles here. Crunchy cucumbers, garlic, peppers, cabbage, okra, plum, tomato, stuffed aubergines, carrot, beet, gherkin, onion,green beans, you name it, they have it.

The  shop’s display is full of colorful jars which has a rainbow effect on us, like a pickle heaven! Approach the counter and choose your selection of pickles, mine is always a lot of garlic, cabbage, cucumber, plums, hot peppers and of course spicy pickle juice to accompany them. While waiting you can enjoy a glass of pickle juice and top it with your favorite pickle. The juices are served in beer glasses so it means a lot of cabbage pickles for me!

Istanbul’s one and only Asri Turşucu is serving its finest since 1938. They close down around June-July till September to make pickles. and in September they reunite with the neighbourhood. Every vegetable or fruit has a different way of brining and a different duration to become a perfect pickle.

Pickles are good for anything! Enjoy them with your drinks, your meals or solo and spoon some of the juice in tarhana or ezogelin soup. You will thank me later!

Address: Ağahamam Cad. No:9/A, Cihangir, Istanbul

Phone: (212) 244 4724

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