Borough Market – London

I can not write enough about my one and only Borough Market.

The place. The only place I want to return every year. And I do. We choose a Friday for the flight and when land to mother London, we leave the bags to our hotel then hop on the tube and couple of stops later, we are at Borough Market.

The first sight is the Tapas bar at the entrance of the street. Then at your left the fish monger making garlicky, spicy prawns wraps. Get a wrap and enter the pub on your left for a pint. Or start with some oysters and a glass of Prosecco (far at the back, Wright Brothers Oysters). A little appetizer and an aperitif.

We mingle, stopping at every single stall, sipping our drink.

The Borough Market sign, lift up your head! Then we enter to the narrow alleys, on your left the big Spanish delicatessen (Brindisa) and they make devillish mini sandwiches with grilled chorizo, arugula, roasted red bell peppers and drizzled with olive oil at their doorstep. To die for! On the third right there is the beer store (Utobeer) selling hundreds of varieties of bottled beers, we buy the ones we did not taste, then a bottle opener, and out of the store and a sip. Perhaps you like a paella or a Thai soup? A little further a great burger awaits you (Northfield Farm).

Walk more, then at the end of the alley at your left-this year it was at your right- the Frankfurters are sizzling on the griddle… Some cider to digest. Then turn left from the cheese and bread soup corner pass the juices calling you, on your left there is the ostrich meat trader, and right across that, the ciders, dry, medium, sparkly… yummy!

Shopping time! Everything except fresh meat and fish. Anything I can put in my luggage. Chutneys, garlic bath, dry mushroom, chorizo, then a little more chorizo, some salumi, couple of small round hard cheese, coffee beans, beer, another Borough Market bag,smoked paprika, some nuts and fruit and jamon to munch on etc…

You make a little world tour, all goods from Poland, Sardinia, Spain, Wales, Scotland, Germany, Turkey, Mexico… Salami, mushroom, cheese, coffee, cider, from farm to table vegetables and fruits, preserves, jams, tea, chutneys, Neal’s Yard, Monmouth Coffee, paté, meat, pies, fun, bread, cakes, beer, Turkish delight, wine, Cool Chile Spices, life itself!

It is the sweetest dilemma you will feel, deciding what to eat…

Address: 8 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1TL

Opening Hours: Thursdays: 11am – 5pm, Fridays: 12 noon – 6pm, Saturdays: 8am – 5pm

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