Food Photo – Artichoke

brought from Milano – steamed a little – then sauteed in olive oil and caper berries – finished with Padano shreds – accompanied with prosciutto crudo.

Food Photo – Chicken Legs

an organic chicken – a good knife – skills – crushed cummin seeds, fenugreek, mustard, fennel, kalonji – to be seared in a cast iron pan – to be finished in the oven.

Sorry, but no: Ikbal – Istanbul

What happened to the Ikbal which we used to go and eat döner sandwiches even early in the morning? Well, sustainability is a monster for some. The big split is so appealing, all layer of meat on top of each other, you expect a flavour but the meat has no…

Sorry, but no: Dükkan Burger – Istanbul

I seriously did not understand what the fuss is about. Always packed, most of the people around me like to talk about this place. They sell only burger and potato fries. So I expected the burger to be a killer one. And it was not! Not in any of its…

Sorry, but no: Otto Santral – Istanbul

A very trendy place. This could not mask the bad service and bad food. Supposedly 3 mushroom pizza being served with tinned one type mushroom, cold coffee, stale, almost perished piece of cheesecake, topped  with a berry coulis, which could not rescue it. Inattentive, rude service staff. I did not…