Just Now


Just now – lunch at the beach

Sitting by the beach… After countless ice cold beer sessions we ordered a humble lunch, with a view like this. Kızartma, being the ultimate guilt free vacation food, stuffed courgette flowers, garlic and tomato dressed purslane salad… All very fresh and equally delicious. Calamaris sauteed slowly with olive oil, soft,…


Just Now – a fish escapade

After a beautiful morning with the photographer Jonathan Lewis at Kantin, I suggested Şemsa that we should go to Karaköy Balıkçısı for an escape. And we did. Well, I ended up eating alone cause of the terrible car park nonsense, after half an hour we couldn’t park. She had limited…

Asım Usta, by Tuba Şatana

Just now, döner so good!

What if I took a little detour, a girl has to eat, right! 1,5 portions döner over homemade pide, green peppers, pickles and ayran… Now I can go back to work, or… Now I am sipping my tea on the ferry, Istanbul is quite a beauty today…