Kars – Turkey

Gravyer, Kars, İlhan Koçulu, Tuba Şatana

Making Kars Gravyeri at Boğatepe Köyü

Have  you travelled to East of Turkey? Do you know that particular blue that hangs above you? How crispy the mornings are… How bright the sun shines… How green the meadows and plateau that all surround you… Endless visibility…. I love every inch of my country! At Kars we were…

Piti aşı, Kars, Tuba Şatana

Eating out in Kars

I want to start with a word: Honestly… I have visited Kars before, leaving with beautiful memories of people and of the city. This time it was with Şemsa, Kantin gang and Katie. İlhan abi and Şemsa had been talking about this Kars trip for over a year and it was…


Kristal Döner ve Yemek Salonu – Kars

If you go to Kars, there is unfortunately one place left making piti. Piti is a dish made from a chunk piece of lamb,chickpeas, saffron, a piece of tail fat, and a lot of beef stock. This simple but tasty dish, has  a way of eating it. Piti is served…