Food Photo – Kadayıf

…making of kadayıf… The thin dough poured over the hot copper plate by a custom made device with thin holes under it,while the plate is turned and when the dough just about to cook, he slows down the plate by hand and collects the cooked thin kadayıf dough by hand….

Affan Kahvesi – Antakya

Hidden and lost. Forgotten. Peaceful and relaxing. Old floor tiles tell so much. Tranquility covers the place. All over again. We passed a lot of our time here, either chatting with the lovely owner Züveyr Abi or his sincere and cheerful son Onur,  or sipping coffee, or doing nothing, well,…

Breakfast …

Unlike many European countries in Turkey salty dishes are preferred as the first bites of the day. Cheese is the one main ingredients of breakfast tables along with olives, tomato, cucumber, honey or marmalade or jam, butter, bread and tea. Since Turkey has been affected by the demanding life conditions,…

Çayırcı – Antakya

Antakya is a heaven of tastes and if you are a local and have a food hunch like me, it even tastes better! Çayırcı Bakla and hummus is one of the many to taste. You have to go there in the morning and forget about the lunch you are planning,…

Şişçi Ramazan’ın Yeri – Antalya

One of the best, yet local tastes of Antalya. Famous for its şiş köfte and piyaz. The şiş köfte is made from lamb and goat meat, giving you a smooth texture as well as a distinct flavor of goat. Since I love them both, it is a feast for me….

Abdo Döner – Antakya

At Abdo,the dürüm’s taste is zingy, meaty, peppery and the lavaş is crunchy… It is different then any other you had, making you addicted. The dürüm – wrap – is prepared different then the other cities. First the lavaş is dipped in to the oil in the tray, under the…

Sorry, but no: Çardak Pide – Trabzon

Trabzon is very well known for its pide. We had only one lunch and one dinner in the city, we chose the “very very best pideci” for lunch, result : a huge disappointment simmered in a lot of sadness! Çardak Pide has nothing to offer! The pide is their specialty….

Kaburgacı Selim Amca – Diyarbakır

Quiet streets. Lunch time. Barely. Early lunch, late breakfast hour lets say. Avery modest, very local spot. It all started with the pomegranate sprinkled ezme, then came haşlama içliköfte. Piping hot, one bite to tuck in, the taste of the meat, the spices, pistachio and of course cracked wheat, bulgur….