Editorial inedible post

First of all, thank you all, who have been sending me emails, who are keeping me and Istanbul in their thoughts, you are very kind and supportive. Means a lot!

Since the resistance/national awakening began, we do not sleep, eat, or do anything then resist, but life goes on as usual at the same time in Istanbul. We will see what the days will bring, hence I do not want to write anything too politic here, this is not the place, but I can not write about food or lovely things when I do not have any.

Last weeks I posted some notes on the FB page of istanbulfood, some picture links and news. In the meantime you may continue reading the news about Gezi Parkı from The Guardian, BBC, CNN int, The New York Times et al..

If you aren’t following my facebook page here’s what I wrote:

May 31st:
“Dear IstanbulFood followers,
I will not be posting any food related matter for the time being here. We have far more important things in Istanbul, Turkey at the moment. We are struggling against the government, one reason being they are trying to demolish the last green area, an important park in the heart of Taksim, Gezi Parkı, and we have other reasons of our own as well. I am tweeting in Turkish from my twitter account @tubasatana #occupygezi #direngeziparkı”

“News may be too much for you or not your concern, I hear you, here is the thing: I can not talk about food, doesn’t matter how delicious it is under these circumstances, you see, I am a Turkish Citizen, a local, living and breathing in Istanbul.
What’s happening in Taksim, is the most important part of our lives, now. It is our human rights.
(But in the meantime, hence if you are bored seeing these, why not wonder around the most delicious Turkish food blog, one and only istanbulfood.com ”

Stay safe and strong!