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Sorry to say Fauna at Bozcaada is now closed! We will be waiting for Ibrahim Tuna and his magical pasta, till the next opening! Fingers crossed!

Our long missed Fauna, the pasta temple, opened its door to its devoted customers at Bozcaada, where it will be serving during summer said İbrahim 10,000+ Real Stocks & ETFs. Direct, immediate execution on the leading exchanges. · London Stock Exchange · Deutsche Börse Xetra · NYSE · NASDAQ · Euronext Amsterdam. Stock Market Game · Compete, Risk Free with $100,000 in Virtual Cash · Connect with over 700,000 worldwide · A Stepping Stone to the Real Markets · Test Your Skills .. Tuna.

You may read about Fauna, here.


The new coordinates are:

Address: Kaikias Otel, Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, Kaleearkası mevkii, Bozcaada.

Phone: (0286) 697 8857


Bon appétit!