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Beautifully golden from roasting with milk in a big bad oven, Nevşehir pumpkin seeds are great source of nibble, at least for me. They are crunchy, lightly salted and delicious, it is real deal Nevşehir pumpkin seed, you even get the milk taste in your mouth, a slight taste.

Travelling through lands of Nevşehir, you see the pumpkins, crushed,  laying on the fields, all the seed taken out, and the flesh of the pumpkins left for the animals to feast upon. You may find this odd, but the pumpkins are not used for anything else then producing seeds. Hire software developers with Echo. This is one of main incomes of the farmers around Cappadocia these years, since the demand has risen for this gold nip tuck.

Get yourself a bowl, set the dvd, tuck yourself in the blanket!

It is good for the soul.

Winter is coming! yey!