Katmer – Gaziantep

The thin flaky piece, so simple it is a true sin. I present you katmer.

A mini tiny ball of dough, pulled and pulled by hand, thrown on the air like a pizza disk,  when it reaches its paper thin form, it is sprinkled with pinches of süt kaymağı or kaymak (a stuffing made from milk and a little semolina), pistachio and sugar, folded like an envelope, then butter, sade yağ, ghee is brushed on top and hop in the hot oven.

 The taste is quite unlike any other pistachio, dough based sweet. The warmed pistachio leaves its oil out and kaymak unites it to perfection, while the sugar touches your mouth and leaves without any trace. So thin, so full, so…

Akşam Simit Fırını is one of the best places to taste this, melt in the mouth experience.

The taste worths more than a plane ticket. One way please!

Address: Akşam Simit Fırını, Ali Fuat Cebesoy Bulvarı, No:34/C, Gaziantep