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If you go to Kars, there is unfortunately one place left making piti. Piti is a dish made from a chunk piece of lamb,chickpeas, saffron, a piece of tail fat, and a lot of beef stock.

This simple but tasty dish, has  a way of eating it. Piti is served in an enamel cup, lavaş bread and an empty deep plate.

First you tear the lavaş in to small pieces and put it in the empty deep plate, then pour the juice of the dish on top of it, wait for lavaş to suck up the juices and scoop it. Meat stock, cooked with saffron and the other ingredients is smooth, rich, meaty and succulent. Stop, don’t lick the plate…

Then you eat that small-big piece of tail fat, looking so guilty and yummy, wrapping it in to the lavaş. When you are done, then you can proceed to the rest of the dish, the meat and the chickpeas.

You turn the enamel cup upside down on your emptied plate and there you have the big piece of lamb, chickpeas. Both the meat and the chickpeas are melting in your mouth, leaving you with the joy of eating a real food.

Kristal,  has a lot of homemade dishes as well as döner, which is also tasty but piti is the thing you want to eat if you get there.

Address: Halitpaşa Cad. Vakıfbank Yanı No.127, Kars

Phone: (474) 212 5100

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