Casino game. What drives the punters? Why are they playing?

Why do people play in casinos? Psychiatrists and Common Opinion Casinos are a thriving $5 deposit casino nz If gambling is prohibited in any country, underground establishments inevitably appear. Or online gamblers find ways to bypass blocks %s... This means that excitement is incredibly attractive. What drives the punters? Why do people play in casinos? Scientific explanation Slots are the most popular in casinos. Therefore, the conversation will focus on these games. Why do people play in casinos? According to some psychiatrists, through physical and emotional reactions, punters experience feelings of awe and mystery that can be compared to religious faith. This feeling is also aided by the fact that the casino game results are completely random, which is something incomprehensible. During gambling, punters undergo chemical reactions in their brains, due to which dopamine is released. This hormone is referred to as the hormones of happiness. More dopamine - more happiness %s... Psychiatrists draw our attention to the fact that in real casinos, pokie punters look like bewitched. They periodically press the start and watch the $5 deposit casino nz According to the researchers, the punters are indeed in a state of hypnosis. The fact that the reels are spinning downward forces the punter to make head movements from top to bottom. And this is a sign of submission, hypnotic submission and awe. When the bonus round is activated, usually punters are forced to look up, as the action takes place from the top of the screen. This also contributes to the formation of a pokie-religious state. A man lifts his eyes to heaven and waits for manna from heaven %s... For many punters, the random number generator that determines the results of the game is something incomprehensible, inconceivable. It's like in films wild people see something divine in ordinary objects for us because of a misunderstanding. This is how pokie games are perceived as something more than just spinning the reels for luck. In my opinion, psychiatrists are too twisted. It all sounds overly fanatical. But the comparison with religion, in my opinion, is quite appropriate. The fact that the punters forgive the pokies past grievances and, no matter what, believe in the possibility of a miracle. On this topic, the third Megaclusters pokie, Kluster Krystals, will release Relax Gaming Scientists do not believe that manufacturers deliberately study why people play pokies in casinos %s... The developers simply offer options, see what attracts punters the most, and based on this, think over new devices. Why do people play in casinos? Simple opinion People play to relieve stress, escape reality. There are many different things that put pressure on a person. Commitments, challenges, uncertainties. All this accumulates, and spills out due to the game in the casino. At least until the casino becomes the main problem. So don't relax too much. Socialization is also a good reason %s... Everyone is playing, everyone is having fun, this is doubly interesting, so the satisfaction from the game is greater. And most importantly, at least one sane should remain from the whole company, who will try to get everyone out of the casino if the situation gets out of control. And money, of course. This is probably one of the strongest motivators. Now you are poor or of average income, and in a moment you are rich. For this, people are willing to spend money over a long period in order to have a chance for a big win that will change their lives. Although for this you need to be either very patient or mega lucky.