How to play online gambling 100% safe?

Security in the online casino, at the sports betting or at the poker table is what very many players in Germany want. These online gambling games have all been permitted since July 2021. But if you want to participate in them, you have to make a deposit and risk money. That this money can also be lost should be obvious. After all, it is a game of chance. We are not talking about how to be 100% sure of winning. Our concern is that the credit is in good hands. For this, there must be no problems either with the deposit or with a later debit.

If you want to play online gambling 100% safe, you should consider a few points. We will go into this in the coming sections. In fact, the new gambling law is a win for playing as safely as possible. However, it was not mandatory. Even before the new edition of the State Gambling Treaty, there were more than enough reputable online casinos, bookmakers, and poker sites. Nevertheless, we would like to present a few hints on how seriousness and trustworthiness are noticeable in online gambling.

Through our online casino reviews, we also have experience with safe gambling sites.

5 tips and tricks to enjoy the highest security when gambling online

Money is usually hard-earned. Whoever uses it in online gambling must of course expect losses here and there - even if everyone hopes for winnings. But there are black sheep here and there. This also applies to the gambling industry. This refers to providers who do not pay out higher winnings or simply retain the money longer than they are entitled to. The question here is what customers can do. How can they avoid ending up with such a gambling provider? And what can be done if there are problems?

1. Check whether a German license is available

Even in advance, it is always worth checking for a German license. However, there is still a small difficulty here. Licenses have already been issued for online sports betting. Whereby also here other bookmakers are in the draw for licenses. Online casinos and poker sites have only been legal since July 2021. Here, the application process for licensing has recently begun. However, the gambling sites themselves have not yet been issued a license. Therefore, it is currently important to adhere to the upcoming advice. If an online casino has changed its wording from casino to slots or slot machines, this is an unmistakable sign that it is seeking a German license.

2. Pay attention to the age and experience of the provider.

The longer a provider of online gambling has been on the market, the more likely it is to have earned the trust of its customers. Because gambling sites that treat their customers badly frequently disappear from the market by themselves in the short term. Gamblers leave them alone. New customers can also no longer be won over because of bad word of mouth. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to look at which internet bookmakers, online casinos, and poker sites have been active on the market for as long as possible. For example this website:, because its owners know, that this experience is an important building block. This is not to say, of course, that there are no trustworthy newcomers to online gambling. After all, those exist as well.

3. Test the customer service on your own

Now imagine that there is a problem. This can always happen. Then the provider itself is the first address to turn to. This means customer support. This usually takes place via e-mail, live chat, or telephone (e.g. callback service). However, not all service options are always permanently available. Therefore, when registering, you should check whether and to what extent the customer service responds. For example, you can make a test request via chat without any concerns. In this context, you can also check whether the customer service responds in German - another criterion for a trustworthy partner.

4. Check the payment options in online gambling

Why are the payment methods essential? On the one hand, you obviously need a payment method that can be used to make a deposit and withdrawal. In addition, it should not be forgotten that the payment service providers are also companies. And these do not cooperate with every partner. Some e-wallets are actually found almost everywhere. PayPal is considered to be reputable to the highest degree. Thus, this provider even had withdrawn from casinos when they were still illegal. Now the payment service could return. But also the credit cards Visa and Mastercard are highly trustworthy. If these payment methods are available, you can of course transfer money to the online gambling account using another method.

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5. Search for partnerships with help offers

Why do we require help? Of course, if possible, there should be no need to claim this help. Nevertheless, it is a good feeling when online gambling sites independently refer to organizations that deal with prevention, gambling addiction, and similar issues. That simply shows us that the site means well for its customers. So if casinos refer to Gamcare or sports betting sites are members of the EGBA, that's a positive sign from our point of view. Besides, the reputable gambling sites have actually all created their own webpage on responsible gambling. Such information can usually be found in the footer of the homepage.