Today, many building and finishing materials are presented on the market: metal tiles, laminate, siding, vinyl siding, ceramic tiles, polystyrene foam and much more.
Laminate is very popular. What is it? These are plates that are used as a flooring. These materials come in a variety of colors and sizes, which helps them mask under wood, tiles, etc. The plates contain four layers. The first is Melamin, which is impregnated with resins and covered with a film. This layer is a protector from humidity. The second layer is a tile made of wood, softening the load that are covering. The better this layer, the longer you will burn on this coating. There are three types of this layer that differ in the degree of pressing. The third layer is a colorful coating, and the fourth is a laminate itself, which will prevent the appearance of scratches. This type of flooring has a number of advantages and a number of minuses. The main disadvantage of such a coating is that the laminate is made of unnatural materials. Its advantages are directly related to this minus - good qualities of this material could not be achieved using artificial materials. Here are some of the advantages of this building material: the laminate is resistant to ignition, so matches or cigarettes are not terrible for it, it does not get dirty at all, so it is not worth it to shed coffee, wine or other dirty liquids, and if you put heavy furniture on it, then not There will be a trace. There are also many coloring. Also, this building material is not afraid of sunlight. And how easy it is to mount it! Also, a huge plus of this material is that you should not take out all the furniture from the room, because the room can be divided into parts and lay the material in turn. You should definitely pay attention to the class of material, it should be equal to at least thirty one.
How is it mounted?
This material is attached to the selected surface tightly. Separate parts are attached to each other and attached to the substrate. There are two ways called adhesive and castle. The first is more common. Here your gender will be more moisture resistant, and the old parts can be easily replaced. This replacement should not be done whiter two, a maximum of three times.
Most often, the laminate is sold along with the instructions. Anyone can cope with this. Of course, you can seek help in construction companies.
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