Ksa imposed the last penalty for offering autoplay

The Remote Gaming Act states

The Dutch Gambling Authority (Ksa) has imposed a fine of €300,000 on a licensed online casino. The online gambling house offered slot machines with autoplay, which meant that you did not have to click to spin the reels. Autoplay is prohibited in the Netherlands, and the Ksa ensures that this is not offered.

The Remote Gaming Act states that players must make their own gambling decisions and that no games may be played automatically. Autoplay, as the functionality in many slot machines is called, ensures that you as a player no longer need to press the buttons yourself, but this functionality is not permitted in the Netherlands. The KSA explicitly states on its website, and also on the partner site https://indiancustomer.in/, that autoplay is not allowed.

Yet, an online casino in the Netherlands had this option. The KSA reports on its website that an unspecified online casino gave players the opportunity to buy spins in advance. As long as there was still spin credit, the player did not have to press the button every time and therefore there was in fact autoplay, according to the Ksa.

The regulator received a report on this phenomenon and investigated the matter. Eventually, the Ksa imposed an order for incremental penalty payments with a maximum of €300,000. Even before that counter started running, the online casino removed the slot machines with that option built-in.

The online casino concerned is not mentioned in the Ksa message. Also, which specific slot machine or software provider was involved is not mentioned.

The online casino

Autoplay is popular among slot machine players. In land-based casinos such as Holland Casino and Las Vegas, many players use the player's card to play automatically. The player card is then inserted between the button and the housing, which keeps the button pressed and new games start automatically, says the website https://indiancustomer.in/review/ab4/. On some online slots, you can hold down the space bar to keep playing, as a substitute for autoplay.