Asım Usta

Asım usta and Tuba Şatana

Asım Usta’s döner as the best
fast feast of Europe!

On the phone with Asım Usta -to me-: Where have you been?!! The nature of our conversations, meetings have always been the same, the same kindness, sincerity, friendship coming from years and years of me being their loyal customer, and supporter of one of the true artisans of Istanbul and…

doner 2

Where to eat the best döner kebab in Istanbul

Döner kebab -for the beginners- is a meat dish consists of deboned meat layered on a vertical spit, roasted rotating on its axis, then cut -shaved- thin slices with a special long knife aka döner bıçağı… Served as pide sandwich, wrapped in lavaş, in half loaf of bread or plated on…

Asım Usta, by Tuba Şatana

Just now, döner so good!

What if I took a little detour, a girl has to eat, right! 1,5 portions döner over homemade pide, green peppers, pickles and ayran… Now I can go back to work, or… Now I am sipping my tea on the ferry, Istanbul is quite a beauty today…