local ingredients

Kantin – Istanbul

Let’s see… A couple of stairs, enter through the glass door, greeted by smiling faces, crowd is eating happily, yes again full, should I wait for a table at the terrace or anywhere, let’s see what is on the big board today… White table clothes and fresh flowers meet the…

Kaburgacı Selim Amca – Diyarbakır

Quiet streets. Lunch time. Barely. Early lunch, late breakfast hour lets say. Avery modest, very local spot. It all started with the pomegranate sprinkled ezme, then came haşlama içliköfte. Piping hot, one bite to tuck in, the taste of the meat, the spices, pistachio and of course cracked wheat, bulgur….

Dedecan Ocakbaşı – Şanlıurfa

Şanlıurfa is famous with her liver kebabs. All around the city you see a lot of on-the-street-kebab corners. Open 24 hours, so there is always smoke in the city. Dedecan Ocakbaşı is a restaurant and a big one where all the locals eat and always full. There is a big…

Kebapçı Rıdo – Mardin

A swoosh sound in the air, coming from the special knife called zırk, sliding front and back, on the well worn, literally beaten board, making mince meat form the veal and lamb. The hardest part. The movements mesmerize you. The woods are cracking under fire, getting ready for lunch service….

Çiya Sofrası – Istanbul

Imagine a place where you find all those beautiful regional, Anatolian ingredients cooked ingeniously that create explosions through your senses. The moment you lay your eyes on the small place you are surrounded by great tastes, on your  left the big hot pots and pans laying all colorful meals, and…