Organic tomatoes, Istanbul Food, Tuba Şatana

Here come the tomatoes!

Finally the tomato season kicked off! All I want to eat is tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and olive oil! An easy task, after visiting the organic market held at Göztepe Özgürlük Parkı on Wednesdays, I got the first heirloom tomatoes of the season. All from Nar Çiftliği, from farm to table,…

artichokes ready to cook at Izmir, Tuba Şatana

Artichoke, the stage is yours!

Artichoke chips, paté, zeytinyağlı enginar, sauteed artichokes…. Artichoke cooked every way, for all, from all. It may sound ridiculous to you but artichoke is the king and queen of the vegetables summoned, for me. Not a true vegetable, but belonging to a thistle family, is like a calling for its…

Nettle will bite you back!

At my grandmother’s home, in the messy back yard, soon to be my friend, nettle stung me, thousands of times in the good old days, me in my shorts, running up and down, thought every green thing is innocent and my friend. Isırgan, literally meaning stinger, you do the maths….

sarımsak kebabı, Çiya,

Just Now – Seasonal Kebabs

As if we needed any motive to eat, me and Katie celebrated the sesonal kebabs today. The sarımsak -the fresh bulb of garlic-  and yeni dünya -loquat or medlar- kebabı at Çiya…