Tables on the streets of Şanlıurfa

Şanlıurfa is a city that never sleeps, not for the partying though, for eating!  The liver stalls goes on 24-7. The famous ciğerciler -the liver grillers- yelling out or sitting in front of the mangal -the mini bbq-, chatting with their customers, scattered around the city, on the pavements. Şanlıurfa pepper…

St. John Restaurant – London

After we were greeted, taken to our table, introduced with our menus, we were ready! We, can eat, and we did. We had 4 starters, 2 main course, 1 salad, a bottle of cider, a beer. You may not find it much but if you consider the animal fat we had, it was huge.

Kokoreç – a delicacy

As an offal enthusiast, I am embarrassed that I have not written any word on one of my favorite offal meals. Kokoreç! Kokoreç is basically lamb intestines, wrapped around sweetbreads on skewer and grilled horizontally over the charcoal fire. But not easy as is. Preparation is harsh, when you think of all…