St. John Restaurant – London

No need to tell you about St. john, but how can I not, after that marvelous lunch! I was there to devour every bite, so no photographs, ain’t necessary anyway!

We had a lunch date with St. John at Smithfield, for two, with Şemsa. White, clean cut, eloquent, unpretentious.

After we were greeted, taken to our table, introduced with our menus, we were ready! We, can eat, and we did. We had 4 starters, 2 main course, 1 salad, a bottle of cider, a beer. You may not find it much but if you consider the animal fat we had, it was huge.

Started with the pickled mackerel, salsify & spinach; it was a dish you want it to be present on your everyday menu, the mackerel was pickled just right, nor too sour, nor too sweet just right! The venison saddle with green beans and pickled walnut, the meat was cooked rare, it was not like any venison I had before, there was something to it, the taste was more nutty and less meaty, loved it, loved the great recommendation of our waitress.

One and only beef marrow! No words can tell, we were in grease up to our elbows after the second plate! Respect people, we are talking about pure fat and gorgeous marrow here! And nobody looked at us in contempt while we were licking our fingers! Dreams came true…

Roast lamb, fennel and aioli was the weakest dish on the table, hence in Turkey I felt we had better dishes made with lamb, or better ways of cooking it, anyway, never a bad dish, but not to die for, anyway.

My personal favorite was the crispy pig’s cheek and dandelion! The cracklings were so fatty, crunchy and piggy! I uttered in shriek with pure joy, Şemsa laughed at me! The dandelion was such a well balance to cracklings, something to bite on something green, something to fresh your palette…

After a bottle of cider, all the head to toe, nose to tail, eating and a ginger tea, I was feeling happy as a hog. Fergus Henderson, I salute you and your team!

p.s. I have 28 days for my next visit to St. John’s, and this story was eaten around July…