Büryan – at Bitlis, Turkey

It is around midnight, when the büryan ovens are light up in Bitlis. There is only smoke in the dark streets of the city. Bitlis has its own pace, like all the Anatolian cities. The büryan restaurants open at 5.00 a.m and close around 11.00 a.m. It is very hard…

Kaburgacı Selim Amca – Diyarbakır

Quiet streets. Lunch time. Barely. Early lunch, late breakfast hour lets say. Avery modest, very local spot. It all started with the pomegranate sprinkled ezme, then came haşlama içliköfte. Piping hot, one bite to tuck in, the taste of the meat, the spices, pistachio and of course cracked wheat, bulgur….

Köşem Karadeniz Pide Salonu – Istanbul

So small, but hard to miss. You can take in the teasingly good smell of meat and the butter from meters away and head to  the right direction. The secret is the ingredients and the cooking technique for once. The prompt and courteous service is always a plus as we…