Kandilli Suna’nın Yeri – Istanbul

Here and there, tables scattered around the cobble-stoned pavement, under the huge plane trees. If  it is cold you enjoy the small cosy restaurant at the left side, if the weather suits you,  you take your place under the trees, while the breeze caresses your face.

The home made mezes are cooked by Ms. Suna herself, changing seasonally like, fresh broad bean, artichoke, pickles, and couple of specialty items. Do not expect hundreds of mezes, they do a couple, and they do it very good! And do not exaggerate while ordering, just think of the fish await you.

One portion horse mackerel, one portion anchovy, one mullet… You order them all fried knowing you can not go wrong here. The fried fish always served crackling, hot hot, never soggy, fresh, and yummy. Or you go with the grilled big catches like blue fish, bonito, bream… Whatever is in season.

The co-star menu item of this fish restaurant is their salad. The freshest of fresh salad made with lettuce, parsley, oregano, onions, tomatoes, pepper, mint, rocket, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, garnished with lemon wedges, for you to season it to your taste. This salad is  so tempting, you finish it in a blink of an eye, then you dunk your bread in the pinkish, lemony juice that is left and you fight over for the bread pieces that are left in the bowl. All ingredients are chopped a la minute, fuss free, fresh!

Save some space for the home made baklava prepared by one of the waiters himself.

Address:Kandilli Iskele Caddesi, 4-17, Üsküdar

Phone: (216) 332 3241

Service Hours: everyday, noon till 10:00pm

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