Food Photo – Spring Onions

chop a bunch spring onions – parsley – mint –  home made thick red pepper paste – red pepper flakes –  pomegranate molasses – salt – a squeeze of half lemon – a little water – spoon it!

Food Photo – Beetroot

garlic – beetroot – marjoram – parsley stems – a glug of extra virgin olive oil – coarse salt and pepper – balsamic vinegar – a chili to spice it up – in parchment paper – in the oven

Food Photo – Artichoke

brought from Milano – steamed a little – then sauteed in olive oil and caper berries – finished with Padano shreds – accompanied with prosciutto crudo.

Food Photo – Chicken Legs

an organic chicken – a good knife – skills – crushed cummin seeds, fenugreek, mustard, fennel, kalonji – to be seared in a cast iron pan – to be finished in the oven.