kronotrop, tuba şatana

Istanbul’s Coffee Shops: Kronotrop

I am a coffee nerd. I can not live without coffee. But not any coffee, I only drink the best there is, after the perfect bite, this time perfect coffee as my motto. The problem is that not many coffee houses please me, hence I brew the best possible coffee…

asri turşucu

Asri Turşucu – Istanbul

Sour, salty, if you want spicy! All indispensable for me! I am talking about pickles here. Crunchy cucumbers, garlic, peppers, cabbage, okra, plum, tomato, stuffed aubergines, carrot, beet, gherkin, onion,green beans, you name it, they have it. The  shop’s display is full of colorful jars which has a rainbow effect…