Milas Pazarı – Muğla

It was an early morning we hit the road from Yalıkavak, for Milas, for the local open market, the famous Milas pazarı. It was a bright sunny day, despite the February weather we have been witnessing at the end of April, in Bodrum. All my persuasions had come to an end, my family had to come to my terms, and I promised them not to buy the whole market.

All I wanted was to take some pictures and buy some artichoke, wild asparagus, acı ot – bitter greens. It was an innocent request. But…

When we parked the car, at the entrance of the pazar I thought it was just a narrow road, pavement laid blankets, soon to realize Milas pazarı was hugely spread amongst streets, making it more attractive by the minute.

The villagers sitting by their stalls, it was looking more than a workshop, all home made produce like peynir, yoğurt, bazlama, butter, eggs, milk in big plastic soft drink bottles, I was in heaven. So the promise has long forgotten.

Tilkişen- wild asparagus-, acı ot – bitter greens- were everywhere. My hunt was over, I found them, sooner or later, I won. I had bags full of tilkişen, acı ot and every piece of green available in the market in my tote bags.

The artichokes, which were cut with their long stalks are like the most beautiful flowers to me, purple ones are oval shaped, green ones as globe artichokes, all in different sizes. Buying and hugging them at the same time, the villagers were looking kindly to me, or insanely, who cares I had artichokes!

Olives, olive oil, hand picked garden peas and to my surprise spring onion scape buds that are especially grown and widely seeked and enjoyed mainly with eggs, soğanlı yumurta by the locals.

And then there was this smell of kokoreç, never too early for it anyway, you know the end. Sweet sweet end…