One fine day in Burgazada

When Nil suggested that we should work at Burgazada instead of Istanbul, the next thing I remember is us checking our calendars.

Our morning started at Sırma Cafe, where we had tea and homemade poğaça, watching the islanders walk by the street, parted by the horse carriages.  The poğaça sans any additives and nasty things was a morning treat.

Heading to our office a la fresca to Harrison Cafe where locals hang out and swim, read, chat,  her editing job started as soon as she sat down. Me, staring at the sea, staring at the waves, carressing the cat, the environment was very boring!!! After endless coffee, we decided we needed a break, hungry like wolves.

Fo a quick lunch -soon discovering that we needed a long break not a short one- we stopped in front of the mezze display of Yasemin restaurant.  I was eyeballing calamaris and the mezzes, deciding on our menu. We ordered grilled calamari, eggplant salad, a rocket salad, potato fries and beer.

Day finished with this, cookies bought for the loved ones from Ergün Pastanesi and a ferry ride home… Who need to go to vacation when we have the islands…