Tuba Şatana

Tuba Şatana

Hocapaşa Pidecisi – Istanbul

How many times you passed by and not stopped at this hidden pideci? I’ll tell, countless! Yusuf Bey, third generation shop owner  is working rapidly to fulfil every request coming from the customers, slicing the pide, preparing packages, dealing with money. The customers are picky, all locals, some waiting beside…

Lades Lokantası – Istanbul

It is calm inside, free from the enormous Beyoğlu clatter. Walk through the dining saloon, on your right you get to blink to the desserts, and before you reach to the kitchen cold olive oil dishes are ready to steal your tummy, all plated looking very  appealing. On the hot…

Food Photo – Spring Onions

chop a bunch spring onions – parsley – mint –  home made thick red pepper paste – red pepper flakes –  pomegranate molasses – salt – a squeeze of half lemon – a little water – spoon it!

Curry 36 – Berlin

Order two. When you see the queue in front you will agree with me. Simple, delicious, tasty food. The wurst, pork sausage comes with or without skin, I had both and loved the one with skin better. The currywurst is moist, scrumptious, sprinkled with curry and topped with a thick…

Food Photo – Beetroot

garlic – beetroot – marjoram – parsley stems – a glug of extra virgin olive oil – coarse salt and pepper – balsamic vinegar – a chili to spice it up – in parchment paper – in the oven

Food Photo – Artichoke

brought from Milano – steamed a little – then sauteed in olive oil and caper berries – finished with Padano shreds – accompanied with prosciutto crudo.

Food Photo – Chicken Legs

an organic chicken – a good knife – skills – crushed cummin seeds, fenugreek, mustard, fennel, kalonji – to be seared in a cast iron pan – to be finished in the oven.