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In loving memory of Ali Topçuoğlu

His face was one of the faces I had gotten familiar in the first years I moved to Istanbul. His apron was spotlessly white and clean, buttoned to the last one.  He always had it on. He had that beautiful display, where he got to keep the içliköfte always hot. He had the same spot for years where he met with his customers, in front of Atlas Pasajı.

İçliköfte was always spicy, the meat was always delicious, the ingredients always spoke for themselves. They were shaped perfectly, all handmade patiently, lovingly and then deep fried to a golden crust. One bite you get the taste of all. For years Mrs. Topçuoğlu, his wife, made us feel the warmth of home cooking, her gentle touch.

Years passed, he became a part of our lives. All of ours. He was there when we needed a snack in between two drinks, or just before going on a dinner date, or carry them home, or without a reason, cause it was good!

Although they still make içliköfte and sell it at the entrance of their mini restaurant, nothing will be the same for me, after Mr. Ali Topçuoğlu passed away.

May he rest in peace, this is the smallest thing we can do for him, after all the beautiful moments and tastes had been cherished…

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