Trabzon – Turkey

Sorry, but no: Nihat Usta – Akçaabat, Trabzon

The köfte is very famous in Akçaabat, actually Akçaabat is known for its köfte-meatballs-. Nihat Usta was another bad experience on the road. We had to stop there thinking all those reputation was worth a bite. Surprise surprise! Köfte was tasteless, greasy and cold, the beans of the piyaz were…

Sorry, but no: Çardak Pide – Trabzon

Trabzon is very well known for its pide. We had only one lunch and one dinner in the city, we chose the “very very best pideci” for lunch, result : a huge disappointment simmered in a lot of sadness! Çardak Pide has nothing to offer! The pide is their specialty….