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No, we are not going to Hatay, yet it is another colorful pazar in İzmir. Up at the hills of İzmir, Hatay Pazarı was set up on Thursdays.

Kekik 2 kinds -oregano and thyme-,  karabaş -lavandula stoechas- on the right corner, for making tea… the locals say that it is good for headaches and colds, widely sold. I like to buy bunches and put in my vases, they are so pretty.

Why don’t you take my picture she said, holding a bunch of ısırgan -nettle- on one hand and kuzukulağı -sorrel- on the other… 

Bags full of arapsaçı –wild fennel- by the time we left pazar there were none. 

 right next to hindiba -curly endive- hardal otu -wild mustard or charlock- for making salad, leeks…

one of the reason I wanted to go to pazar is tilkişen -wild asparagus- on the left and on the right acı ot -bitter green, bitter ivy- 

artichokes, everywhere… heaven!

heap of artichokes,  Hatay, Pazarı, photograph by Tuba Şatanamy dream car, yellow, old and full of artichokes! 

happy esnaf… love Ege, love İzmir…