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48 hours in Istanbul – where to eat?!

48 hours in Istanbul is never enough! You think you will be thorn in between the Hagia Sophia, a Bosphorus tour, may be a Princes Island getaway, what about Chora Museum and Istanbul Modern? The fantastic sunset from Galata Tower?  It all comes to why you are in Istanbul! Since…

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One fine day in Burgazada

When Nil suggested that we should work at Burgazada instead of Istanbul, the next thing I remember is us checking our calendars. Our morning started at Sırma Cafe, where we had tea and homemade poğaça, watching the islanders walk by the street, parted by the horse carriages.  The poğaça sans…

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Köfte & Piyaz – Büyükada

In Büyükada, you supposed to eat fish, right? Wrong! The lining restaurants at the seaside, which apply different fees to different kinds of customers, you never know which one you are till you get the bill, you may end up paying an unexpected amount of money, to an unworthy meal….

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Büyükada Pastanesi – Büyükada

On a nice sunny morning we hopped on a ferry and began our trip to Büyükada. The sea is calm, a little breeze, seagulls literally crying…and hungry stomachs. By the time we finished our coffee in the travel mugs finished we approached Büyükada. It was about time for breakfast, so…

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