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When you start planning your travel, what is your first thing you google? I know it’s food, since you are reading this… Chowzter is all about real bites in the city, the fast bites as well as the local small eateries, everything reflected form the local’s point of view. And let me tell you this, it is global, people! From Barcelona to Rio, Berlin to Hanoi, Dubai to Seoul, LA, Mumbai… Me representing the most beautiful city of the world, Istanbul, I am the official Chief Chowzter of Istanbul! Fun, isn’t it! So What I love to eat, my favorite spots for döner, lahmacun, breakfast… all on the app.

Saying these, we had our first Award Ceremony in London, at Village Underground, met with my fellow food bloggers those who could make it to London and had a great time. The best bites of 2013 was awarded and me for the Outstanding Contribution, Best Blogger of 2013, got my award from the hands of Angela Hartnett, presented with this video, such a great shock!

There are lots of videos on youtube, but this is my favorite of one, of the award nite! More to come on