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Long time waited (long enough for me and her fans) Kantin’s Dükkan was opened on Thursday, April 4th, 2013. A Şemsa Denizsel design deli – bakery, will be the new hang out place in the beautiful area, Bebek.

Everything is Kantin-made. Her famous bread is playing the key role here. You may enjoy the open face sandwiches of the sour dough, made from roast beef and humus, gravlax and avocado, melted cheese sandwiches with onion relish and schnitzel sandwich. Beyaz peynirli tost or kaşar peynirli tost, Şemsa style grilled cheese sandwiches on cast iron plate, with olive oil… The sandwiches and spreads will be changing up and down.

The bakery items vary from apple cookies to tahini cookies to brownies, big baskets of breads greeting you. Onion jam, onion pickles, lemon confit, mustard, ketchup, ferah ayran, ginger ale et al, the tastes you know from Nişantaşı are also sold here in small jars, bottles ready to go home with you.

Where: The most chic shop, the most delicious stop just across Bebek Parkı, Cevdet Paşa Caddesi No: 43/C, Bebek

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