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Where would mankind be without wheat! A freshly baked bread’s small is more stimulant then many other things, as if challenging the world of flavors… Tırnaklı ekmek in Anadolu, getting social and named tırnaklı pide in big bad Istanbul, is for me one of the delicious forms of bread. This kind of ekmek is the best companion to kebabs, yes you heard right, I am not talking about the thin lavaş everyone loves so much, this is the real deal people!  This one is not topped with sesame seeds and/or nigella, served under the kebap to soak all the juices of the meat, also büryan is topped and cut on them, and is the best way to finish the meal. Me, I always order the second one.

While I was saying hi’s around my favorite places in Fatih, the young chefs were making tırnaklı at Özkilis.

Now you know how those puffy little squares are formed…